The freedom to pursue our dreams is a liberty not to be wasted!

by Elizabeth Cairns on February 13, 2013


Amidst all the turmoil elsewhere in the world I can’t help but be reminded of and grateful for the freedoms that I enjoy here in my abundant western life, not least the choice as an empowered woman to choose where and how to have our baby, where to live, who to vote for, what work I do and how to spend my own money.

One of the liberties I cherish most that may perhaps go unacknowledged by many, is the freedom we each have to nurture our dreams and pursue our desires.

I believe our aspirations often hold the key to unlocking our potential.

The inner calling of our hearts is a voice that guides us towards our greater good, to ways we can be our very best selves.

Pursuing our own goals and desires may on the surface seem a selfish act, but if we were to see it as a way of coming alive, of truly being all that we can be, what greater return for this precious gift of freedom?

Through living into our full potential, we are more likely to be joyful in our work and graceful in how we move through each day.

When we work and live with joy, with our hearts engaged, we can be of greater service to others.

So many people in the world struggle with daily survival and would give anything to taste the many freedoms that we enjoy. Do we not have a responsibility not simply to make a living but to truly thrive and in doing so make a contribution?  

So ask yourself what dreams have been laid dormant for too long a winter?

What aspirations and desires can you give birth to in this moment?


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