Is the Genie in your lamp on strike? How the Law of Attraction can leave you feeling disappointed and what to do about it

by Elizabeth Cairns on December 16, 2010

People often ask me why, when they fervently apply the “Law of Attraction”, follow all the “rules” and guidelines on manifesting abundance, when they focus really clearly on their desires, do their vision boards, chant their daily affirmations, practice mental rehearsal, focus constantly on their dreams, that they still do not come to pass?!

The state this leaves many people in is one of disappointment, frustration and disillusionment with the whole thing. Perhaps they enter into the process the next time with lessened belief about the likelihood of it working and perhaps a hint of desperation or self flagellation at the apparent failure on their part to bring about what so many others apparently manage.

We may conceive of an idea from a place of fear or lack, after all, these feelings including those of dissatisfaction, anger, resentment and envy often help to polarise us to what it is we really want. But in order for us to bring our desires into being, we need to move beyond the illusion of lack that created the desire in the first place. We need to move beyond the illusion of separateness that suggested to us that all we desire is not already within or reach or indeed already within us. Only then can we be in a place of gratitude for the natural abundance of things that brings about a desired shift. It is this place of awareness, deeper authenticity and connectedness that aligns us with the energetic frequency at which our desires resonate.

In other words, how we feel when we ask/desire/dream is vitally important.

Our work then, becomes simply to feel good. Trusting that in doing this, that which is possible and perfect for us manifests quickly and easily.

We may find in the process of feeling good, aligning us with our heart and our true nature, that the natre of what we ask for also shifts. We ask for those things that truly befit us and are aligned with our purpose and Lo and Behold they appear – as if by magic….

…Or perhaps we stop asking, as we come fully to the realisation that all is perfect and whole as it is and in this moment we have all that we need.

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